A great way to discover artisan chocolate.

Impress anyone with our 5-piece gourmet chocolate collection including bean-to-bars, artisan truffles and a few surprises from our featuring chocolatiers.

Our promise to you:

Discover Canada’s best artisan chocolatiers as we are constantly searching for more premium chocolates to share with you.

Experience a variety of handmade chocolates, with new innovative flavours such as Earl Grey Tea and Maple Whisky along with essential classics like Vanilla Sea Salt and Dark chocolate.

Learn about layers of craftsmanship, trends, and history that go into artisan chocolate making with our tasting notes in every box.

Convenience, with all the best chocolate in one gift box, it is sure beats traveling around the country finding them individually at retail price. 

Shipping within Canada is always free of charge.
This is not a subscription and there will only be a one time charge.
Please be advised that our products may contain peanuts, tree nuts or dairy.

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