The Goods

How does Cacao Avenue curate their chocolates?

At Cacao Avenue, we want our customers to discover and taste phenomenal artisan chocolates that blow them away. Not just okay chocolates that taste okay, that’s not good enough. After all, artisan chocolates aren’t cheap nor are they easy to come by. If we find out about a new chocolate we haven’t tried, we pack our stuff and get hyped about what new chocolates that await us. We limit our research to keep the bias to a minimum and let the chocolates speak for themselves.

How long will my chocolate last?

Chocolate contains natural preservatives that prevent oxidization. Any chocolate bar will last anywhere from a six months to a year depending on how it was processed and how it is stored. Bars that contain dairy are slightly less resilient and should be consumed within six to eight months. Truffles or bonbons tend to be more delicate due to the cream content. Its best to consume these cream based sweets within 2 weeks if you want the full experience.

How should I store my chocolate?

The two biggest enemies for storing chocolate is heat and odors. This means it is not recommended to store chocolates in a fridge as this may cause blooming of the sugar crystals and absorption of odors from other foods in the fridge. 

Ideally, you would want the chocolate in a dry and dark place at room temperature. It’s even better if you have the chocolates stored in a sealed environment such as a zip-lock bag or our lovely box.

Can I customize my box?

Unfortunately, this is something we are still working on. We hope to bring you this feature in the near future.

Have you heard of my favourite chocolate store?

We love to hear about a new chocolate maker or chocolatier that you want to see in your box. Shoot us an email at sean@cacaoavenue.ca and we’ll try it out.

Which brands do you work with? 

Toronto is blessed with a very talented pool of chocolatiers and chocolate makers. Please check out our “Now Featuring” page to learn more about their chocolate and story.

Why is chocolate so expensive?

Like any artisan product, artisan chocolate has a higher price point than the generic chocolate the public is used to. But we can guarantee you that every penny is worth it. Here's why: The ingredients. The chocolates featured in Cacao Avenue is sourced from high-quality cacao that has superior flavour to that of commodity grade cacao. Also, there are no cheap ingredient substitutes that low-quality bars use such as vegetable fats and high fructose corn syrup. In addition, all of our small batch chocolates are hand crafted by master chocolatiers and makers with the utmost passion and care.

Are the chocolates food allergen safe?

Unfortunately, most chocolate makers will work in stations that handle dairy, nuts and gluten based products. While the dark chocolates won’t have any dairy in them, there can be traces of dairy from the work stations.

The Service

When will I get my box?

We send out all boxes in the second week of the month so that boxes will arrive by the third week of the month latest.

How do Payments work?

Your subscription payment will be charged on the moment you purchase a subscription plan. Any subsequent payments will automatically be charged on the first day of the renewal month. The renewal month will be the first month you get the first box of the renewed subscription. For example, if signed up for a 3-month subscription on September 7th, the first payment will go through the same day and the next subscription fee would be charged on December 1st. However, if you have signed up on September 23rd, the renewal month would be January 1st since your starting month would be October.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. If you figure that great chocolate isn’t your thing, you can cancel anytime by going to your accounts page. Just make sure you cancel before the first day of your renewal month.

Getting it to the Door

What happens when its hot outside?

While we do everything we can to keep the chocolate in pristine condition we cannot guarantee due to lack of control during transit.

Where do you deliver?

Wherever there is a will there is a way. We can deliver it to you wherever you are. However, if you live outside Canada, there will be additional shipping fees.

Why hasn't my chocolate arrived?

Please check the delivery status on the website. Alternatively, you can get in contact with us at sean@cacaoavenue.ca


Sharing Chocolate

My friends keep stealing my chocolate, what should I do?

You sock them in the face You share the love and kindly help them sign up for Cacao Avenue. There’s plenty or chocolate to go around.

Corporate and Wholesale

If you are looking for a unique corporate gift, or want to place a large order, please contact sean@cacaoavenue.ca and we will do our best to assist you.